The Institute of Social and Security Studies (ISSS) is a successor of the Institute of Social Sciences. Launched in 2000, the Institute of Social Sciences primarily focused on research in political science, contemporary history, European integration, international relations, and socio-economic development. The flagship degree program at undergraduate and postgraduate level was political science in the following specialisation: national security, European integration, Eastern European studies, political marketing and diplomacy.


Development of the Institute of Social Sciences leads to transformation to the Institute of Social and Security Studies in 2010. The strategic decision of Senate of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities aims to ensure that the Institute’s research and teaching remain at the forefront of the social sciences addressing the evolving challenges of society and provide opportunities to work on a co-operative and constructive way.


The Institute is the newest unit of the Department of Humanities located in a modern academic building established in 2013. The new academic building provides over 9000 sq m infrastructure for student and research activity. The Institute is open for research and educational challenges. Through exposure to developments in science it is equipped with high standard IT facilities and software for professional teaching and learning. This creates the Institute as a hub of student activity and enhances other university movements.

The involvement in research and continued efforts to build a network of partnerships and alliances with other research institutes inside and outside Europe, including Baltic States, US, Commonwealth of Independent States with special regards of Russia resulted in enhancement of quality education and endorsement of the best achievements adopted in the academic area. This lead to upgrade teaching offer and security studies became the flagship degree of the Institute, including the authorisation to grant doctor degree.

The Institute of Social and Security Studies aspires to teach students at the highest standards. Efforts made by directors of the Institute such as prof. Józef Jaroń (2001-2003), prof. Stanisław Jaczyński (2003-2012), and prof. Mirosław Minkina (2012-   ) to transform the Institute to one of the Polish foremost centers for teaching and research resulted to deliver first-rate teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level. To address the challenges of national and international demands the teaching of security studies includes the following specialisation: national security, police service, crisis management, transatlantic relations, and competitive intelligence. In a near future the Institute will launch a new offer at undergraduate and postgraduate level comprising elements of political science, public policy, contemporary history, international relations, law and economics. Distinctive features of the Institute of Social Sciences and Security is postgraduate education on protection of classified information provided by both academic experts and public sector officials. Existing student society of the Institute of Social Sciences and Security aims to foster an atmosphere of knowledge exchange for students of the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities and provides a variety of opportunities through its events, including lectures, panel discussions, debates, and conferences regarding a wide range of topics relating to security studies.

The Institute of Social and Security Studies is one of largest departments at the University. Its scale means that the research interests of its staff are wide-ranging, covering most aspects of the subject, and reflecting the rich choice of subjects on offer in its teaching. The area of interests include theory, history and methodology of security studies, intelligence, competitive intelligence, crisis management, military security, economic security, national security cultures, climate change, protection of classified information, strategic studies, international security, and international relations with special regards of Commonwealth of Independent States. To advance understandingof political, military, technological, business, economic, environmental, social, religious and other trends that could have an impact on the society the Institute organise open lectures for a wide audience where some of the most influential figures in the social sciences and security can be heard. Among speakers there are national and foreign government ministers and officials, diplomatic corps, independent analysts and journalists.

In line with research interests the Institute of Social and Security Studies published two academic journals such as Doctrina. Studia Społeczno-Polityczne (Doctrina. Socio-Political Studies), Secretum. Bezpieczeństwo i Informacja (Secretum. Security and Information) and De Seuritate et Defensione. Security and Defence Journal.

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